Sir Potata: Hello and welcome to The Cookie Blog. This is where we, two (nerdy) high-school students, voice our opinions about AI art, have fun with it and explain to you readers about what is all the deal going around it. We hope to learn many things, discover ways to use this technology and share our experiences and the knowledge we have acquired on the way. Now, you might be asking why we picked such a specific topic to write about while there are tons of other topics out there that we can also blog about. First of all, we think that this topic is very important to understand where the world and technology is directing towards. We are still in the beginning of our lives, maybe you are too. I personally have this urge that makes me think about what our future will be like. For the reasons that we will explain in this post, AI is here to stay and will most likely to change our life forever. Also we are pretty much interested in AI art. I (Sir Potata) am mostly interested in the art side of things as my favorite hobby is drawing. I can’t sit still without scribbling more than 20 minutes so you could say that art is important to me. So is what is happening in the art community. I will discuss this in detail with the later posts but to sum it up, there is a big uprising among the artists. Kuyta is more on the AI side of things, he is our tech guy here (and the bigger nerd lol). Everything about computers, he probably knows, if he doesn’t, next day he sure will. He likes coding and is amazed by what computers can do and how they work. The technical side of AI, how it works, its applications and development process will be tackled by him (because I don’t have enough brains to do so). In this first post, I think that we should first be defining what AI is in first place before getting into its specific usage in artistic areas. I will start with a more general explanation and examples of AI the history behind how it came to be what it is today. Then Kuyta be picking of where I left to explain how they work and the theory behind it.